ORAC Website Guide


Our goal was to make our website to be interactive and user friendly for our members, the new updates also provide more control and accessibility to our members to update contact info. To download the ORAC Website Guide, login to the ORAC Website and it is located under the 'Members Only' Tab. 

Now you can:

  • Assign new employees and indicate their roles in our database (ie. HR, Marketing, Technicians, Management)
  • If you are the main contact for your company, you can update your company bio, website, logo, address, etc. whenever you need to by log into your dashboard.
  • Select which types of emails you would like to receive from ORAC (ie. Cool News, Webinars, Training, Events)
  • Pay and view membership invoices on-line in your dashboard!

If you do not have a login, click here to set up a new login for ORAC Members Only.


Download Website  Guide for Contractors