About ORAC



ORAC represents Ontario’s largest single organized body of contractor practitioners in the industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential refrigeration and air conditioning trade. As an industry leader for over 50 years, ORAC has actively and responsibly participated in making Ontario’s trade contractors one of the most advanced and efficient in North America. In an industry that is highly technical and sensitive to constantly changing technological advancement, ORAC has been called upon to play an important role in representing the Industry to numerous Provincial and Federal Ministries when consultation and legislation has been contemplated.


  • The purpose of the association is to represent and serve HVACR contractors of Ontario with programs and services that promote responsible solutions.


Legislators and government policy advisors often fail to properly consult key players within an industry to which the legislation could and may have adverse and damaging effects. ORAC recognizes the importance of actively representing the HVACR industry in Ontario on matters of direct impact, and participates with other industries in making representation on common concerns. It is important that legislators understand the capabilities of our industry in adjusting to sometimes unrealistic laws and standards, and at the same time, act on legislation that allows less responsible parties to operate and weaken the industry’s position.

ORAC has formed a standing Technical Safety and Standards Committee (TSSC) to represent its members’ interests with the TSSA and the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).


  • The Ontario Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association is a Not-For-Profit organization incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario as a Corporation Without Share Capital.


For both ORAC members and the public at large, our motto is one of significant importance. The Association seeks to promote pride in its profession and Industry and to educate the buyer and public in understanding the importance of the profession and how to qualify competent and responsible contractors. Association activities include closer liaison with all concerned through written, visual and direct communication. The advancement of the Industry’s expertise to the buyer of services and to those who specify systems is important to raise the level of quality and efficiency in order to realize the best value for the customer.