ORAC Website User Guide

  • Our goal was to make our website to be interactive and user friendly for our members, the new updates also provide more control and accessibility to our members to update contact info.

ORAC 2.0 Informational Webinar Series

  • Missed an episode of our ORAC 2.0 Informational Webinar Series? No worries! Re-watch an episode by clicking the title below.

Cool News: ORAC Newsletter

  • This publication recaps ORAC and industry events, newsworthy industry initiatives and provides ORAC associate members an opportunity to advertise and promote their products and services.

Brazing Certification Program

  • Brazing Certification is completed at the JTAC (Joint Training and Apprenticeship Center) in Brampton. This consists of a full day with starting in the morning in classroom for theory and ending the day with hands on examinations. ORAC will notify all Members when registration is open.  

Offsite Brazing Certification 2021

  • Ensuring the safety of all students, teachers & staff at the JTAC Office and complying with Government guidelines surrounding COVID-19, the JTAC has temporarily postponed testing at the Facility each month. If things change and testing can be resume, ORAC will notify all Members.   

Request a copy of ORAC Brazing Certificate

  • Reach out to ORAC by sending an email to ORAC. 

Health & Safety Information

  • Check out the following links for the most up to date information.

Information about the JTAC

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