ORAC Board Of Directors 2023 - 2024

Top - From Left: Rob Lamoureux, Rahim Shamji, Louie Cardoso, Joanne Lobo-Patel, Dino Russo, Gregg Little, Dave Irwin, Paul Wrigley

Lower - From Left: Tony Mammoliti, Kevin Spencer, Jim McAughey, Phil Taggart

Absent: Kelly Burns, Josh Bell, Kevin Whitten, Anthony McWatters


*Executive Committee 

*ORAC President      Kevin Spencer               Modern Niagara

*Vice President       Jim McAughey                Standard Mechanical Systems Ltd.

*Past President       Tony Mammoliti              Ambient Mechanical 

*Treasurer              Phil Taggart                    Black & McDonald Limited


Board of Directors

Dave Irwin                          Xtra Mechanical Ltd.

Dino Russo                          Readair Mechanical Services Ltd.

Kevin Whitten                     Rosetown Central Refrigeration

Gregg Little                        Springbank Mechanincal Systems Ltd.

Josh Bell                             CIMCO Refrigeration

Rahim Shamji                      Right Time Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

Kelly Burns                         Tri-Air Systems

Louie Cardoso                     E.S. Fox

Robert Lamoureux              Nortek Mechanical Services

Joanne Lobo-Patel              J.L. Refrigeration


MCA Ex-Offico   

Anthony McWatters            McWatters Mechanical Ltd.