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in a business as a contractor selling, erecting, installing, altering, repairing, servicing or maintaining refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in connection with industrial, commercial, institutional or residential projects.

The Applicant hereby applies for a membership in the Ontario Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ORAC).

The Applicant agrees, if this application is accepted, to be bound and to abide by the Letters Patent, Constitution, By-Laws and Regulations of ORAC and to any resolutions of the Board of Directors or the membership of ORAC now or hereafter in force, and to the terms of any Collective Agreement that may be in force now or in the future between the Association and the Trade Union.

If this application is accepted, the Applicant understands the benefits available to them as part of a Commercial Construction Provincial Membership. The benefits of a Commercial Construction Provincial Membership are as follows:

• Access to educational and training seminars

• Networking and social opportunities with other HVAC contractors

• Access to Brazing testing in accordance with TSSA requirements.

• Access to the list of highly qualified 1st year apprentices

• Access to the Annual General Meeting

• Current updates on the progress of changes in regulations in our Industry

• Access to Cool News (quarterly newsletter)

• Access to key Associate Member suppliers to the HVAC industry

• Access to ORAC board to guide the future direction of the association

• Access to Contractor Resources via the ORAC website