Introducing ORAC Learning, "ORAC-Le"





ORAC-le aims to be the recognized leading provider of highly valued skills development for the HVAC/R industry. 


Maximize member value by providing leading edge skill upgrading resources for professional teams.

Provide an advantage to our membership by keeping you ahead of the competition with continuous opportunity for knowledge building.

ORAC's goal is to be at the forefront of HVAC/R industry training through ORAC-le.

Phase I - Launched!

LinkedIn Learning

ORAC has partnered with LinkedIn Learning (formerly to provide online learning licenses to our members.

LinkedIn Learning is an add on to your existing LinkedIn Account that provides you with access to thousands of free courses and learning paths that you can complete whenever you'd like. LinkedIn Learning uses your existing LinkedIn account information based on your current interests and job title to recommend courses of interest to you. Topics of interest could range from Project Management, Leadership Management, or Developing your Sales expertise.

Take advatage of this exclusive offering from ORAC now! License quantities are limited and distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Who Should Register:
- Operations Staff
- Sales
- Dispatching 
- Project Management
- HR
- Marketing 
- Administrative
- Office / Professional Staff

The LinkedIn Learning licnese provides you with 6 months of access to over 16,000 courses and learning paths. You can take the courses anytime, and earn badges as you complete them. To view a condensed list of topics covered in LinkedIn Learning, click HERE.

Click to Request a LinkedIn Learning License