Offsite Brazing Certification

How it Works:
1) Find a location to conduct the brazing certification test (your shop or job site).
2) Register each employee for the corresponding tube size with ORAC.
3) The ORAC Office will send the information to the JTAC, who will send you the Brazing Certificate document that is required for the TSSA Agent to sign off on.
4) Purchase the material required for the tube sizes that the employee(s) will be tested on.
5) Ensure the brazer has practiced brazing and is ready to complete the test.
6) Once you receive the paperwork from the JTAC, contact TSSA and coordinate a date & time for the agent to come to your facility/job site to conduct the brazing test. The inspector should outline the procedure they wish to follow, make sure to ask if they do not specify.
7) The TSSA agent will sign off on the brazing certificate if the employee passes the test.
Registration Fee $75.00 + HST per employee plus $142.50 TSSA fee per employee per certificate size.
This fee is for TSSA covers the TSSA agent’s testing and signature on the certificate. ORAC remits this to the TSSA.
The payment for Brazing Certificate is the responsibility of the company, not the employee(s). 
*Prices are subject to change without notice
For any questions, please contact the ORAC Office: 905 670 0010