Offsite Brazing Certification



How Do We Get Our Technician(s) TSSA Brazing Certified during the Pandemic?


Complying with Government guidelines surrounding COVID-19, the JTAC has limited availability to hold regular brazing testing. ORAC-JTAC Offsite Brazing Certification is an option that ORAC is providing to our Members during Covid-19 restrictions. 

How does this work? 

1) The testing would be done by either your facility, or if you do not have one then a location of your choosing. 

2) Register with ORAC Executive Assistant each employee and what tube size they are being tested on.

3) ORAC Office will send the  information to the JTAC, they will send you the Brazing Certificate required for the TSSA Agent to sign off on.

4) ORAC will provide all the necessary information required to help you in the process of 'Offsite Brazing' Testing. 

5) Purchase the material required for the tube sizes that the employee/s will be tested on.

6) Once you received the paperwork from the JTAC, you will reach out to TSSA and co-ordinate a date & time for the agent to come to your facility for the brazing testing. The Inspector should outline the procedure they wish to follow, make sure to ask if they do not specify.

What are the Costs?

1) Register your employee/s below. The ORAC fee to register is $75.00* (+hst) per employee. 
2) In addition, a $134.00* TSSA Fee per employee per certificate size. This fee is for TSSA for their inspector to check the brazing and sign off on the certificate. The payment for Brazing Certificate is responsibilities of the Company, not the employee/s. 

*Prices are subject to change without notice*

Any questions you can email ORAC Executive Assistant (e)   


Click the following link to register employees for Offsite Brazing CLICK HERE TO REGISTER