Offsite Brazing Certification 2021



How Do We Get Our Technician(s) TSSA Brazing Certified? - CURRENTLY NO TESTING DATES AT THE JTAC 


Ensuring the safety of all students, teachers & staff at the JTAC Office and complying with Government guidelines surrounding COVID-19, the JTAC has temporarily postponed testing at the Facility until the Summer. If things change and testing can be resume prior to the Summer, ORAC will notify all Members.   

  • The fee per employee to register is $75.00 plus taxes.
  • The employer will receive, directly by TSSA, an invoice for each employee registered. This is the cost of the validation services that they provided to ORAC/JTAC for that particular technician. If the company receives the invoice post employee departure from company, the invoice would still need to be paid.


Click the following link to register employees for Offsite Brazing CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


If you have any questions reach out to ORAC's Executive Assistant