Obtain a Copy of a Brazing Certificate

The following information is required to look up the employee/s certificate. If the following info is not available, the next step would be recertifying your technicians.

If the Brazer cannot remember the exact Month, Year this info should be in the Brazer logbook and as well as the Companies logbook. Logbooks should be up to date at least 6 months prior to current date.

1) Full Name of Employee

2) Employee’s Home Address (at that time)

3) Company’s name the certificate was certified under.

4) Month and year of the brazing testing date (cannot look up certificate with out this)


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If the certifications were done before 2013, the certificate would say “to braze for the employer named above only” and includes an expiry date. This certificate is no longer valid even with a logbook as expiry dates trump logbook. After 2013, ORAC worked with TSSA so that ORAC issued certificates do not expiry and are transferable to another Active/ Current ORAC Member.

Here are some tips on keeping the Brazing Certification valid, certificates never expires if:

  • Your employer also maintains a logbook showing they regularly verify brazing certification experience and knowledge for all their technicians.
  • Certificate is generally transferrable if you move to another ORAC Member, have your original Brazing Certificate copy, and possess your “up-to-date” Logbook.
  • Non-ORAC Company Member Technicians it expires 1 year from your test date.


For any questions, email: contact@orac.ca