Become an ORAC Contractor Member



With the increasing complexity of building technologies and construction methods and growing Government regulations, a greater demand for professional caliber contractors is evident. People are needed who can accept responsibility, control the cost and the quality of services they perform. By requesting an ORAC and UA Local 787 member to perform the work directly, the owner, consultant, specifier or general contractor will gain true and long-lasting value and Industry expertise.

If you are a UA Local 787 member complete your application today!

membership fees

The yearly Membership Fee is only $500.00 plus HST, renew on an annual basis. The initiation fee for new members is $1,500.00 plus HST.



  • Access to the "Ready to Hire 1st Year Apprentice" List
  • Members only access to ORAC-Le advance training system & educational events
  • Exclusive on-line access to ORAC 2.0 Informational Webinar Series
  • Participate in Government Relations initiatives
  • Introduction to over 300+ like-minded HVAC contractors
  • Attendance and voting rights at the ORAC Annual General Meeting
  • Guaranteed entrance to all social/networking events
  • Admittance to ORAC’s technical resources such as:
    • TSSA pre-approved P-drawings, brazing procedures and testing facilities
  • Members only access to ORAC Associate Members and Suppliers
  • Eligible to become a member of the ORAC board & other ORAC Committees
  • Industry exposure to potential clients via ORAC’s website


Together, these benefits offer financial savings which equate to thousands of dollars for an average company.